Joeseppi's Italian Ristorante & Catering Restaurant Review – Tacoma

Mar 18, 2020 217

BY: Don Doman

I picked up Peg from her exercise appointment on North Pearl. It was almost 11:30, so I asked Peg if she wanted to got out to lunch. She said, “Sure. How about Joeseppi’s?” We were less than two hundred yards away, so I thought why not? This was just after our governor’s announcement about the Corona Virus and a ban on meetings of 250 people or more. The parking lot was empty.

I noted the announcement on the front door that the restaurant is now closed on week days from two to four. Once inside we were greeted by Joe Stortini himself. This is not unusual. Joe is always welcoming. He’s a nice guy and his restaurant has helped out with take-overs for countless fundraising events in Tacoma and Pierce County. 

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