Italy's Traditions and Modernity - A Music Journey

Sep 06, 2017 739

We are proud of bringing together two special acts, Sonamo' - Italian Funk and PizziCali for an unforgettable Italian night. Prepare yourself for a full immersion in the Italian Culture, we will take from the deepest Italian Traditions of PizziCali to the modern and original sound of Sonamo' - Italian Funk.

PizziCali will be teaching some traditional dance in order to fully experience some of the most ancient traditional Italian dance. About Sonamo' - Italian Funk, you probably know what Funk is, you may know what Italian music sounds like, but do you have any idea of what Italian Funk Music is? Fresh and definitely unique, Sonamo’ is one the hottest band in the SF Bay Area, bringing the energy, the happiness and the quality of their music on stage.

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