Italy: Visiting the Adriatic? I'll have what they're having...

Feb 10, 2019 243

BY: Eleanor Goggin

Pizza, pasta and pinot grigio. What's not to love? Mixed with culture and the sandy waters of the Adriatic, Italy has to be one of my favourite places. The fact that I studied Italian for my Leaving Cert makes me think every time that it will all come flooding back to me. It doesn't. It's worse I'm getting but I love trying.

Using Rimini as a base, a recent trip included a mixture of relaxation, sightseeing, indulging in gorgeous food and sipping very palatable wines. As I get older I know I can't just do the sunlounger thing all the time. So Rimini was a compromise between beach holiday and day trips. The beach area comprises mostly old-style small hotels backing on to the beach. Fifteen kilometres of sand and beach bars. I always thought that was what Rimini was all about but in fact there is a beautiful old town.

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