Italy-USA: 3 Trump Cards for a successful business matching

Feb 24, 2019 172

BY: Alessandro Decio, CEO SACE

The quality of Made in Italy and the propensity to export combine to fuel the engine of the Italian economy. Going global makes Italian companies more competitive while allowing them to grow faster, learn better, and establish their presence in international markets. Compared to the ones that stay domestic, exporting firms are more flexible and have better economic-financial performances. A country with positive net exports should, therefore, be more attractive to foreign investors.

With exports amounting to over 30% out of our GDP, Italy has indeed a great appeal worldwide, and the United States make no exception, in spite of the current complexity of the global environment for trade. Italy is currently the eighth trade partner for the US. After a record performance in 2017 (+9.6% and exported goods for a total value of 40.4 billion euros) and a positive one also in the first eleven months of 2018 (+6.2%), Italian exports to the US will maintain a positive trend also in the upcoming years. According to SACE’s forecasts, Italian sales towards the US are expected to grow by 5.1% on annual average over the next three years.

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