Italian traditions: The Palio dei caci in Volterra

Oct 19, 2019 280

Following an annual tradition, also this year, on the last Sunday of October, as usual will be held in Volterra, Tuscany, the expected and fun Palio dei Caci. An event that has long been recognized in the regional register of historical re-enactments in collaboration with the "Committee of Contrade della Città di Volterra".

On Sunday, October 27 the streets of the beautiful medieval town will turn into a track where the representatives of each district will compete by tumbling down a form of cheese along the route on a steep slope, in the shortest time possible.

The protagonists of this challenge are a winding path built with straw presses, the players, two wooden pallets and the inevitable cheese shape of the Volterra crags.

This is a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages when cheese, a nutritious food, was considered a valid alternative to expensive meat, especially on the tables of those who had less. In addition to food use, the forms of cheese were soon to take on a playful use, so Volterra saw the birth of games that had as the protagonist precisely the cheese and the skill of the people from this beautiful town.

Fun is therefore assured, Sunday October 27 from 15.30 along via Franceschini, in Volterra, with its picturesque and savory Palio dei Caci.

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