Italian summer comes to life at Bellagio Conservatory

Jun 20, 2018 561

BY: Janna Karel

The Bellagio Conservatory’s newest display brings summer to life. The “That’s Amoré” design brings Italy to Las Vegas by way of flowers, intricately designed mosaics and bright yellow lemons. Two large animatronic swans, crafted with real feathers, move and sway in one of the garden’s ponds. Adjacent to the pond, a picnic display features dishes and a rug precisely created with nuts, seeds, herbs and dried fruits.

The centerpiece of the summer display is a stone archway decorated with vines and flowers. At its base is an eight-foot-tall mosaic plate set in front of a waterfall. A smiling sun soars 15 feet above the garden alongside bright yellow lemons. “That’s Amoré” will be on display at the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden through September 8.

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