Italian Studies Summit Created to Unite NJ Italian Leaders

Oct 05, 2018 519

The New Jersey Italian Heritage Commission (NJIHC) is launching a new networking event for Italian organization leaders, titled “Strengthening Italian Studies Summit: GetOnTheMap!” Scheduled for October 28th from 2pm to 5pm in the Rutgers College Avenue Student Center, the Summit promises to be an educational and entertaining afternoon, wherein guests will learn effective marketing and PR strategies for bolstering interest in Italian studies.

Programming at the event is focused on illuminating the challenges of publicizing Italian studies programs and scholarships, as well as exploring strategies for reaching a wide audience with marketing and PR efforts.“Students can’t take advantage of opportunities they’re unaware of,” says NJIHC Chairman Bob DiBiase. “As an organization with the goal of uniting New Jersey’s Italian organizations, we see the Summit as an opportunity for Italian leaders to learn from the successes and struggles of their peers.”

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