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Oct 20, 2018 424

Italy has a long presence of science and technology, from the Renaissance and the Roman era. Through the centuries, Italy has advanced the scientific community that has produced many inventions and significant discoveries in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy and other sciences.

Furthermore, the peninsula is Europe's second largest manufacturing economy and home to some of the region's most environmentally friendly production systems. The third largest exporter in Europe of flexible manufacturing technologies, including robotics, with $ 9.6 billion of Italian exports only to the United States. Only five countries worldwide with a trade surplus of production exceeding $ 100 billion.

But this is only the beginning.

The "Bel Paese" is a hundred-year start-up company, with over 10 poles of excellent research in terms of world rankings and is already home to the tech-revolution in Europe.

The data released from the Global Information Technology Report 2016 show that Italy is one of the countries that has improved its ability to exploit technologies in the last year information and communication to improve its competitiveness and the well-being of its population.

The country gained 10 points and reached the 45th position in the Index Networked Readiness (NRI), an aggregate index that assesses the general environment of the countries for innovation and ICT (information and communication technologies). It also measures their preparation for the absorption of ICT; the level of use by companies, the company and the private sector; and general level of impact on society and the economy. While Italy's improvement reflects the efforts made by the national government to improve digital regulation and infrastructure, the country's performance is not uniform across all sectors of online availability.

For example, some areas show an increase in the use of digital technology by the government, while others show signs of deterioration. It seems that the political and regulatory environment - for which Italy is in 96th place - still represents one of the country's Achilles' heels.

From the outside, an uneven performance on different indicators might seem difficult to decipher. However, looking at the latest important interventions by the Italian government on the regulation of digital technology could help us to understand. Furthermore, Italy is organizing initiatives such as the Italian Innovation Day, in which EIT Digital, in Trento, on November 29th, will disseminate the results of research and the future prospects of Italian innovation. This initiative, if one is in Trento, will be located at the Co-Location Center and will include round tables, innovation demos, match-making sessions and with EIT Digital students and networking opportunities. "Digital Transformation and the Future of Jobs" is the theme of the 2018 edition. Prof. Francesco Profumo, who has been Minister of Education, University and Research, will discuss the future of the work, in the context of digital transformation and the role of education in preparing citizens for new challenges ahead. At the center of the Innovation Day there will also be an Innovation Village where several demos of innovative products and services will be presented, deriving from innovation activities, as well as startups and scale-ups in the EIT Digital ecosystem. In the same way, during the event will be organized match-making sessions between students and companies looking for suitable candidates.

Following informative events, such as the Italian Innovation Day, Webinars, offered online on various online platforms, such as TED Talks, help not only the start-ups, but also the general public to learn more about technology, how the world is changing and gives also the opportunity to know new solutions, incentives etc. To be able to develop new innovative ideas. 

It is necessary to know that although there are opportunities in the USA for young Italian innovators in America, from the above information note that even the beautiful country, although it is not and does not have Silicon Valley, or Silicon Beach, still has poles of research, and initiatives to support very strong innovations. 

While Silicon Valley counts hundreds of innovative start-ups, all of Italy has 100 percent of them, but the Bel Paese is trying to grow and support innovation, just as much as the USA and is looking for initiatives such as Lazio Innova, with support of the Ministry of Economic Development, in creating a bridge between the two nations rich in innovators, researchers and inventors.

While in the US there are millions of jobs open for engineers, in Italy the number is lower, but still important. 

In addition, many do not know platforms such as angel where, Italian platform on which there are only in Italy, more than 26, 000 open positions for work engineers and techies! 

Stand out in technology, mechanical engineering and innovation! The work is in Italy and in the world for techies, innovators and "idealists"!



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