Italian immigration at the turn of the century with the Gange family

Jul 15, 2019 328

BY: Sharon Kennedy

In 1892, Anthony and Anita D’Antonio’s maternal great-grandfather, Antonio Gange, left the city of Caltanissetta in Sicily with his wife, Mary Rosina Zito, and several children, to settle in Pennsylvania. He probably worked in the coal or sulphur mines there, but soon moved to the North End of Boston.

His son, Adolfo, was 5 years old when the family left Sicily and eventually, the Ganges had seven children, three born in Sicily and four born in the USA. Antonio had worked in the sulphur mines in Sicily and the job he was leaving was one of the worst in the world. The city of Caltanissetta is in the province of the same name where many of these mines were located. The jobs in the mines and the working conditions were grim.

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