The Italian Grandma Turning A Pasta-Making Tradition Into A Booming Business

Dec 03, 2019 300


By car, you can reach Palombara Sabina from Rome in about an hour. It’s a small village that lies between Italy’s capital city and Monte Zappi, the highest peak west of it. Despite the proximity to the Colosseum, Vatican City, or even the natural parks that border it, Palombara Sabina has not always been a very popular stop for tourists. That was, until nearly three years ago when visitors began arriving in increasing numbers, asking for the grandma making fettuccine.

Chiara Nicolanti recalls the shift well. It was her grandmother that these visitors had come to see, prompted by a new business venture they had embarked on together. Through Airbnb Experiences, Nicolanti, 32, and Nerina Tamanti — also known as Nonna Nerina — 83, invited guests to their family home to give them the authentic experience of homemade pasta-making.

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