Italian good news: The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication

Sep 15, 2018 1137

Parole O_Stili is a non-profit association, founded in Trieste in July 2017 that seeks to build a sense of awareness and responsibility in Internet users, encouraging them to share and maintain the values expressed in the “Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication”. Parole O_Stili speaks to those who realize that “virtual is real”, and that hostility expressed on the Internet can have concrete and lasting effects on people’s lives. The name plays with the Italian language. "Parole Ostili" means hostile words, but if you divide the "O” from “Stili”, it becomes “Parole O_Stili” which means “Words or styles".

Words are important and extremely powerful. Nevertheless, they are often used in an improper, offensive, disloyal, inaccurate, rude and non-educational way. In one word, hardheartedly. Often without taking into account their consequences. Parole O_Stili addresses all those who are aware that “virtual is real’’ and that hostility on the Internet can have concrete and permanent consequences in people’s lives.

The original contributors to Parole O_Stili were about 300 professional business and political communicators, teachers, entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers: a diverse group of passionate people sharing a desire to make the Internet a better, less violent place, and one of respect and civilized behavior. Each one was committed to opposing the language of hatred on the Internet, as described in the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication.

Some of them created the Parole O_Stili Academy, a training course that aims to promote awareness of social language in order to activate a change in people's communication behaviors. They chose professionalism, competence and the experience of numerous trainers in the fields of marketing and communication, teaching and business, to accompany companies, institutions, people (more or less young) in a sensitization path against violence in words.

Parole O_Stili works with schools, universities, companies, associations and institutions to promote an ethical approach to online communication.

The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication has been translated into 21 languages and it has a commitment to shared responsibility for creating a respectful and civilized Internet to offer a sense of security. Written and adopted by a community of over 300 communicators, bloggers and influencers, it is a charter of 10 practical principles to guide online behavior.

Parole O_Stili is also an awareness-rising and educational project against hate speech on the Net in the schools.  Its aim is to reduce, stem and fight hate speech and negative practices, working with teachers, companies, associations and institutions, spreading best practices in online communication.

The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication has been published in three different releases, in Politics, in Public Administration and in Companies.

In Politics it rejects the idea of the Internet as a free zone where everything is permitted, and seeks to raise users’ awareness of the need for responsible behavior. It offers practical guidance on tones and styles  to be adopted during discussion and debate with opponents, whether online or offline. More than 350 politicians of Legislature XVI  publicly endorsed the initiative: 7 Ministers, 3 Regional Governors, 15 mayors and many more … from all political parties.

Nowadays the Public Administration is expected to be transparent and open to citizens’ and companies’ involvement, so as to guarantee that effective solutions are provided to issues affecting community. To meet these requirements, the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication was specifically adjusted to match the relationship between Public Administration Officials and citizens. Its aim is to provide a tool, which can be available for everyone and can concretely help define some simple rules for non-hostile dialogue, which is the first prerequisite for civic engagement.

The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication for companies is a tool that sets out a few simple rules that allow a transparent and sincere dialogue to be established between companies and customers.


The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication

1)       Virtual is real. On the Internet, I only write or say what I would dare to say in person.

2)      You are what you communicate. The words I choose define who I am. They represent me.

3)      Words shape the way I think. I take all the time I need to express my views in the best possible way.

4)      Listen before you speak. No one can always be right, and nor am I. I listen, with an honest and open-minded attitude.

5)      Words are bridges. I choose words to understand, make myself understood and get close to others.

6)      Words have consequences. I am aware that what I say or write can have consequences, small or serious.

7)      Share with care. I share texts and images only after I have read, assessed and understood them.

8)      Ideas can be discussed. People must be respected. Those whose views and opinions differ from mine are not enemies to be destroyed.

9)      An insult is not an argument. I accept no offensive and aggressive words, even if they support my point of view.

10)    Silence says something too. When it’s better to keep quiet… I do.


Parole O_Stili is a welcoming community with tens of thousands of members. If you believe that words have weight and value, then Parole O_Stili is for you.

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