Italian design: A versatile Italian architect, in a versatile city, the never ending path of creativity

Feb 16, 2019 319

The beautiful thing about New York is that they give a chance if they think there is talent behind, there is creativity, that is given to you, and I think it’s an amazing thing that doesn’t happen anywhere”: with these words architect Luca Andrisani recaps to his collaboration with Lenox, a market leader in houseware. 

Luca Andrisani established his firm in New York City in 2007 and since then he has experimented in all the fields of design that an architect can touch, ranging from retail, residential and commercial buildings, interior design and product design. “When you do architecture you never know what you will end up doing, cause it’s a continuous learning curve”: this is how Luca explains  what is means being an architect to his young associates, understanding versatility as the pinnacle of design. 

Luca’s firm in recent years has won several awards by Interior Design's Best of Year (affectionately known as BoY) created by Interior Design, New York based global, industry-leading design publication, website and events company. Since 2016 the award has celebrated the creativity shown by Luca and his team in several fields: multi-unit housing in Brooking (2016), several tabletops (2017) and cement tile flooring called Geometrika (2018). All outcomes of collaborations with with New York based companies, reinforcing the relationship between Italian taste and American know-how. 

Luca Andrisani puts a strong narrative in his creation, referring to one of his passions optical art and kinetics, which gives the viewers a sort of illusion by triggering an experience of movement, different to each viewer. These sort of designs have also allowed his products to be more appealing to younger generations, especially Millennials that have a special taste for mismatching products. His investigation includes the use of color in the designs and experimenting with size, especially when creating the tile collection, by bringing back shapes that were discontinued from production but that could still be appealing to the audience. 

In spite of the scale of Luca’s projects, there is always a line connecting the thoughts of the designer behind each project that, according to Luca, can be considered successful as long as it triggers an emotion. Luca hopes to continue having fun and expand his licensing to more fields such as furniture design, serving a public that appreciates his reference to specific art and artists such as Gio Ponti, 1950’s and 60’s Italian design and his never ending desire to experiment. 

Luca is in the right city to continue to broader his versatility, New York will for sure inspire his creation process and brig on new opportunities.

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