Italian Culture in America: How a Founding Father Introduced Italian Art, Architecture, Food, Wine, and Liberty to the American People

Aug 14, 2020 1075

BY: Ralph Giordano

At the onset of the American Revolution, Britain’s North American colonies sought political independence but remained culturally dependent upon Europe. Among the many vast contributions of Thomas Jefferson, one of the most celebrated Founding Fathers, was a continuing admiration and lifelong affinity for all things Italian.

Jefferson believed the genesis of liberty followed a path from Ancient Rome, through the Italian Renaissance and Enlightenment, toward a progressive future for the new American nation. While Jefferson’s affinity for Italy is well known, studying his role in assimilating Italian culture into the new American nation is a new venture.

Surveying him as an Italophile reveals a wide spectrum of cultural appreciation. Ralph Giordano’s innovative new book will certainly appeal to those interested in American History and America’s emergence as a developing nation.

A significant discussion includes three prominent Italians who heavily inspired Thomas Jefferson in the application into American Culture of Cesare Beccaria on Law; Filippo “Philip” Mazzei on Liberty; and the “Greatest of all the Renaissance Architects” in Andrea Palladio. Some other fascinating aspects is Mr. Jefferson’s promotion of Italian Sculpture, Wine, Architecture, and the introduction of many food favorites including macaroni.

Author: Ralph G. Giordano (with Contributing Essays by Benedetto Youssef)

Ralph G. Giordano is a professional architect, educator, and author with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology and a Master's Degree from the City University of New York. He resides in New York City with his wife, with whom he has three children and three grandchildren. After 25 years as an administrator and adjunct professor at The College of Staten Island - CUNY, he "retired" to become a full-time teacher at Msgr. Farrell High School and an adjunct professor at Kean University. Mr. Giordano is a member of the Author's Guild and published seven books on American history and culture. He also edited a six-volume series "The American Dance Floor" for ABC-Clio and published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.

Release Date: June 1, 2020 - Trim Size: 6x9 - Copyright: 2020 - ISBN: 978-1680530988 Hardcover. Illustrations: Maps & Charts / Photographs B&W and Color / Price: $139.95

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