Italian Cantautori and their Literary Roots: A Lecture by Professor Francesco Ciabattoni, Georgetown University and a Live Performance by The i-Talians

Apr 08, 2019 264

When: Tue, April 30, 2019, Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT - Where: Instituto Cervantes, 31 W Ohio, Chicago, IL. Many historic Italian singer-songwriters, or cantautori, wrote some of their most famous songs referencing, in a more or less explicit way, great books of world literature. Such artists as Vecchioni, Guccini, De Gregori, De André, and Baglioni quote or borrow from Mutis, Kafka, García Márquez, Pasolini and others.

Prof. Francesco Ciabattoni (Georgetown University), author of La citazione è sintomo d’amore (Carocci, 2016) will shed light on the intertextual dynamics that govern song writing and literature.
Every song will be provided with an English translation and commentary, and sampled with a live performance of The i-Talians.

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