Italian Artist Raimondo Galeano to Debut Artwork in the U.S.

Oct 10, 2018 968

Award-winning Italian artist Raimondo Galeano, who communicates his art through the use of light, will be presenting his art for the first time in the United States with an exhibit in New York from Oct. 11 to Nov. 10. The exhibit, named “Cosmo’s Navigators,” is hosted at the NonFinito Gallery at 108 South Street in Manhattan, and is supported by the artist promoter, Annalisa Bianco, a lawyer with a passion for art.

Born in Italy, Raimondo Galeano discovered his passion for art while being an engineer for the singers of Italian light music. Shortly after he met some artists, he traveled to Rome and began his journey as an artist. “We are truly honored to have Raimondo Galeano showcase his art in New York at our gallery,” said Mariangela Manica NonFinito. “He is a unique artist and we are excited to showcase his creativity to the people of New York.”

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