The Italian American Human Relations Foundation presents 'A Tribute to Musical Genius, Songwriter Harry Warren'

Oct 24, 2019 216

BY: Dori Wilson

"I am honorary chair of 'A Musical Tribute Showcasing the Songwriting & Musical Genius of Harry Warren'… because I so believe in the mission of the sponsoring Italian American Human Relations Foundation (IAHRF) … the idea of highlighting the contributions of, in this case, African-American and Italian performing artists is something that I fully support, and I feel the partnership can be a win-win for both communities," comments Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State.

Italian musician and songwriter Harry Warren - whose given name, Salvatore Antonio Guaragna, was later changed by his father who felt his children could be better absorbed into the America melting pot with more common names - began his musical career in Tin Pan Alley, and went on to become one of the country's most prolific songwriters, with works that have maintained their popularity through the decades. 

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