Italian American Heritage Month in Pittsburg, CA

Oct 10, 2018 742

Italian American Heritage Month: A sensitive item that hit right here at home was the Italian “Enemy Alien” Relocation in 1942 at the onset of WWII. Many of our ancestors that emigrated from the old country and did not become naturalized citizens (such as my great grandmother in Monterey) were required to vacate their homes if in close proximity to sensitive military assets such as the Steel Mill and of course Camp Stoneman.

This meant over 15% of Pittsburg’s population that impacted nearly 10,000 of their family members. At the end of Railroad Ave. behind the Fishermen’s statue is a plaque memorializing this event. Please note the name change of the Italian American Club to the Pittsburg Civic Club during these trying times when the government posted signs “Don’t Speak The Enemy’s Language”. The club would be rechristened the “Italian American Club” once again in the early 1970’s.

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