Italian actor Andrea Galata hits the US screens with supernatural thriller Native

Apr 23, 2019 412

After hitting the Off Broadway scene with multiple musical shows, New York based Italian actor and Andrea Galata gets on the US screens with supernatural thriller Native. Directed by enfant prodige director John Real and awarded with three Italian Golden Globes, Native is inspired and named after the ancient Sicilian myth of the “women of the night”, charming creatures with supernatural powers who haunt other women through cursed hallucinations.

In this film, the cursed woman is Michela (Giovanna Mandalari), Andrea’s wife, a young psychiatrist who comes back to her hometown in Sicily to find out that the past she was running away from is still there waiting for her. 

The story develops in two main layers: a darker, supernatural female-dominated one, with a coven of dark women using ancient witchcraft to hunt down another woman, and the luminous world impersonated by the love of Andrea (Andrea Galata) and Michela, with a storyline constantly torn between night and day, darkness and light, where, just like a modern-day prince charming, Galata’s character will have to fight dark powers and a witch he cannot even see in order to save the life of his beloved one.

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