It was a place where deals were made, as was good food. Rudy made sure of that. The Lido, and Rudy, have left us.

Jun 09, 2020 171

BY: Pamela Silvestri

Rudolf Gatti, chef and owner of former Lido Restaurant in Tompkinsville, passed away on May 9 in North Carolina from renal disease. He was 82. The Lido restaurant was legendary on Staten Island even before Gatti’s family took the place over in 1946. In those days Victory Boulevard was called the Richmond Turnpike.

Already 100 years old and arguably the borough’s oldest institution at the time, the building was known as Arietta Hotel. In 1930 that business flourished as a “fine” speakeasy, according to Advance reports, a business owned by Frank Monge that was shut down by authorities during Prohibition.

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