Iozzo’s Garden of Italy brings family legacy, Old World Italy to Indy

Feb 03, 2019 397

BY: Dustin Heller

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of all things pasta, I’m always on the lookout for a true Italian restaurant that moves the needle.  Such a place exists on the near south side of Indy that not only moves the needle, but cranks the volume up to eleven (that’s a This is Spinal Tap reference for you non-movie geeks). Iozzo’s Garden of Italy is located at 946 S. Meridian St. and is serving up some of the best Italian cuisine this side of Sicily.

Katie Harris opened this version of Iozzo’s ten years ago this August, but its history extends back much further than that. Katie is the descendant of the founders of the original Iozzo’s that ruled Indianapolis back in the 1930s.  After an unfortunate turn of events involving a huge brawl and gunshots, Iozzo’s was forced to close its doors in 1941–until Katie brought it back to life some 70-plus years later.

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