Inside Maialino Mare, Navy Yard’s Incoming Roman Seafood Spot From Danny Meyer

Jan 04, 2020 314

BY: Gabe Hiatt

One of New York City’s most revered restaurant groups will officially plant its flag in D.C. next week with the opening of a seafood-focused, Roman-style trattoria in Navy Yard. Maialino Mare will serve its first dinner atop white and blue checkered tablecloths on the ground level of the new Thompson hotel Wednesday, January 8, marking the arrival of the first full-service restaurant in the city from Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality Group.

The anticipated Italian venue (221 Tingey Street SE) is an outgrowth of Maialino, the decade-old New York City restaurant based in the Gramercy Park Hotel. Meyer says bringing Maialino to D.C. allows his company to replicate a model that already works while tweaking it to add new pieces. Seafood pastas — like a simple lemon-butter fettuccine made with meat, oil, and stock extracted from Argentine red shrimp — and whole fish will be points of emphasis.

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