Inside Joe Pesci’s Star-Studded - and Underrated - Music Career

Dec 01, 2019 422

BY: Dom Nero

Joe Pesci–whether he likes it or not–will always be known for his darkly funny (like a clown?) onscreen persona. His signature black humor, which is always cut with insecurity and rage, earned him an Oscar in 1991, and has made him a cornerstone of American cinema. This year, the actor was convinced to return from his decades-long retirement to star alongside Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman.

But The Irishman isn't Pesci's only big artistic endeavor of 2019. The actor is also putting out a jazz album this month called Pesci...Still Singing. That's right, Pesci is a jazz singer. He sings! The movie mob boss, who was a child performer, has been crooning for just about as long as he's been acting. 

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