Innovation Spotlight: Bosca is Still Crafting after 107 Years

Jan 11, 2019 568

BY: Peter Tonguette

What suggests Old World tradition more than a maker of leather goods? Chris Bosca—the CEO of the top-end leather company Bosca—doesn’t disagree. “The Bosca brand is over 100 years old now,” says Bosca, whose grandfather, Italian-born Hugo, founded the Springfield-based company as a maker of handbags in 1911. “A product like ours plays by a little bit different rules. There is this sort of attachment to the past and tradition.”

Under the leadership of the founder’s grandson, however, the company has been anything but stodgy. While remaining true to its roots, Bosca—who lives in Columbus, where he operates the company’s design studio—has expanded its product line to include wallets, backpacks, totes and other accessories. More significantly, the business has positioned itself on the cutting edge in how it reaches customers.

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