Indigenous People’s Park Is Official

Aug 02, 2019 800

BY: Graham Kilmer

It’s official: Milwaukee County now has an Indigenous People’s Park. The county board recently passed a resolution that renames Columbus Park as Indigenous People’s ParkThe resolution came from freshman Sup. Felesia Martin. It was her first piece of legislation, and she previously told Urban Milwaukee that it encapsulates her goals for public service. That is, she wants to serve “all people”.

At the board meeting she noted several times that the goal of the sign change was to recognize original indigenous inhabitants of Milwaukee County and the United States, and in doing so, “Send a clarion call that we value all people.” The park, as the resolution points out, sits on land that was ceded to the U.S. in 1833 as part of a treaty with the Potawatomi. In 1956 it became Columbus Park.

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