‘Il Circolo di Conversazione Italiana’

Sep 06, 2019 295

BY: Barbara Allen

West Boylston – Are you someone who, once upon a time, studied another language in school? Have you, now and again, considered dusting off those language skills and refreshing your knowledge? Or do you love to travel, and want to learn a new language to enhance your travel experience? But, once you have learned it, how, you wonder, will you maintain your fluency?

“Il Circolo di Conversazione Italiana,” (the Italian Conversation Circle) hosted twice monthly by the Beaman Memorial Library in West Boylston, was established over 30 years ago in response to just that question.  Founded by West Boylston resident   the “Circolo” offers the opportunity for group members of all ability levels to practice their Italian conversational skills in a friendly, non-judgmental setting.

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SOURCE: https://www.fiftyplusadvocate.com

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