IAP 115 : “Pizza shop: an Italian-American Dream” an interview with filmmaker Antony Osso

Nov 05, 2019 215

BY: Anthony Fasano

On this episode of the Italian American Podcast, we’ll sit down with Filmmaker Antony Osso to discuss his award winning documentary PIZZA SHOP: An Italian-American Dream– an intimate portrait of his family and the pizzeria and restaurant they have run for over forty years.

Osso’s film introduces us to his father Charlie and uncle Fred, poor immigrants from post-war Calabria, whose lives have revolved around their successful New Jersey pizzeria for four decades. Their tireless pursuit of the American Dream has borne fruit for them and their families, but now- in their seventies, they’re facing a forced relocation, construction of a new restaurant, their sons’ attempts to update the management style, and encroaching old age.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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