IAP 114 : “Can't We All Just, Get Along?” Varied Voices Revisit The Legacy Of Christopher Columbus

Oct 29, 2019 226

Italian American Heritage Month is drawing to a close, and for our final episode of October, we’re inviting in a few outside voices to join us as we try to untangle the often-in-the-news topic of Christopher Columbus, his legacy, the holiday that bears his name, and his meaning for the modern Italian American. 

As the “Columbus Question” continues to evolve within America’s popular dialogue, many Americans- including Italian Americans- are revisiting the historical portrait of the Genovese navigator, and communities all across the nation are torn over how we memorialize the man and his impact on world history every second Monday in October.  And of course (as we explored in Episode 112) we Italian Americans have become the community most closely identified with, and now often-times defending, this man and his impact. 

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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