IACC Welcomes New Member – Studio Legale Internazionale Avvocato Lorenzo E. Agnoloni

Feb 03, 2019 292

Traveling extensively throughout the world following the diplomatic career of his father, Mr. Agnoloni lived abroad in three different continents, and speaks four languages proficiently: Italian, French, English, Spanish (the first two, native speaker) as well as Arabic (elementary proficiency). Today is married with his american wife Jennifer Speciale and three children: Angelica born in Florence (Italy), Charles in New York and Anna Elisabetta in Greenwich, CT .

Following his graduation from University of Florence, School of Law in Florence and a Master of Taxation, International Business and Commercial Law from University La Sapienza in Rome, Mr. Agnoloni started his own practice in 1995 and in 1999 he became a certified bar attorney allowed to practice both in Italy (Rome Bar Association) and in the European Union and now in New York (NYSBA) and Connecticut (CBA). 

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SOURCE: https://www.italchamber.org

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