How Set Designer Noemi Bonazzi Cultivates Effortless Italian Style

May 03, 2018 382


One day last year, Noemi Bonazzi spotted a photo of Pamela Hanson’s on a wall at The Wing in Dumbo: some red cherries glistening in a bowl over ice. Bonazzi and Hanson shared a tour of the space by their art curator, Lolita Cros. “Is this in Vietre?” Noemi asked, and it was.

Bonazzi recognized the cherries: the way they’d been displayed, the sun, and a ceramic bowl specific to this small town on the coast of Southern Italy.  Vintage ceramics from Vietre are one of the many collections that fuel the finesse of Bonazzi’s Fort Greene brownstone. A print of the cherries now lives above her living room mantle, beside a vase that hosts a rotation of flowers: sometimes lush selections from a shoot, other times purchased from her local bodega.

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