How Many Italians Were On The Titanic?

May 21, 2020 313


The story of the Titanic was the tragic symbol of an era that was ending, culminating in the Great War. The “unsinkable” liner brought the eternal bourgeois certainties into the depths of the ocean, and with them the horrible distinction of the world into social classes.

Only 712 out of 2207 people aboard survived the sinking, and some of them died in boats before being rescued. The other 1495 people, between passengers and members of the crew, died in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, either holding their hands in their flooded decks, or simply “Dressing up in our best and preparing to go down like gentlemen” as the heroic millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim said, staying on a sofa drinking brandy and thus inspiring a famous scene from the James Cameron movie. 

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