Hidden pop examples of Italian design: the work in the US of Lella and Massimo Vignelli

Apr 10, 2018 739


Italian design was only recently celebrated in LA with the Italian Design Day and it is once again time to talk about Italy’s most creative minds and their ties with the US. What’s really striking, in the case we’re about to see together in a few lines, is how these artists are the minds behind some of the most iconic pop culture symbols of the US - of New York, more specifically - yet their connection with them is barely know, at least to those who are not into the profession.  

Lella and Massimo Vignelli were born and bred Italian, but made of the US their home and, I dare say, it is certainly in the US their designs got cult status. You wonder why? I’ll give you a hint: the Bloomingdale’s logo and the ageless 1970s New York underground map, both are the work of Massimo and Lella.  

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SOURCE: http://www.italoamericano.org

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