Herrin Festa Italiana holds annual lunch-in

Apr 29, 2019 339

BY: Brooke Schlyer

Herrin Festa Italiana kicks off in just one month, and Tuesday organizers held a lunch to get preparations underway.  Up to 400 people were expected at the Herrin Festa lunch-in at the Herrin Civic Center downtown. Attendees included Herrin's chamber of commerce, local government members, sponsors, civic center workers and Festa volunteers. 

The event also highlights the festival's grand marshal parade and lifetime achievement award winner. Officials say the lunch is meant to show appreciation for all those who work behind the scenes and help to bring the festival to life. "My job is to say thank you to everybody that gives so much money and support to allow us to put this event on. Herrin Festa is pretty much 100 percent volunteer. Everybody works Herrin fest does it for a sense of community," says Cris Trapani, Festa President. 

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SOURCE: http://www.wsiltv.com

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