Heritage and Beauty of Sicily on Stage in Los Angeles: Di Pasquale Guthmann at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Mar 02, 2018 1159

What sounds like the title of an antique print from the Renaissance becomes a reality in Los Angeles. In the setting of the unique and charming Beverly Hills Hotel one of the most antique arts of Sicily, interpreted by Di Pasquale Guthmann in a contemporary joyful style, will be presented on March 20-21 from 3-8 pm. 

Each piece is unique and handcrafted by the best of the last heirs of a millenary tradition. In today’s world, design and craftsmanship tend to be automated and mass produced, leaving few true craftsmen and-women to translate this beautiful cultural heritage into reality. Di Pasquale Guthmann wants to preserve that heritage by making these exquisite products available to an international clientele of “connoisseurs” who are able to appreciate their beauty and quality just as much as the personalised service. 

Di Pasquale Guthmann is an Italian brand created by the former tv anchorman Piero di Pasquale and the top manager Carolina Guthmann, who live in Rome and chose to start together their project that would combine their aim of reviving hand embroidery, one of the most antique traditions of Italy, with the objective to give work to women in Sicily whose arts are dying out. They serve an exclusive clientele of yacht and home owners in the US, London, Paris and Dubai.

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