Here Is The Best Pizza Place In North Carolina, Says New List

Oct 16, 2019 610

Another year, another ranking confirming what we already know: The best pizza in the United States is served in Connecticut, New York City and Chicago, but quality slices can be found in many other cities as well. The Daily Meal released its list of the "101 Best Pizzas in America" at the end of September, and restaurants from 30 states made the ranking.

The food blog considered nearly 1,000 pizzas and looked for such qualities as a nuanced sauce, well-distributed cheese, a flavorful crust and an overall balance of ingredients. The "101 Best Pizzas in America" list is culled from a preferred pool of perfect pies. The Daily Meal then reached out to a diverse list of pizza chefs, bloggers, critics and writers, and asked them to take a survey on the pizza shops where they actually had eaten.

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