Gelato shop owner shares his past life as a professional cyclist in Italy

Jul 25, 2019 198

The owner of Gelato 101 in Encinitas is dishing out more than frosty treats -- he also had a first helping of a totally different life on two wheels. It's a life not talked about much anymore. "The only other job I had was a professional cyclist. I was collecting the miles in Italy for several years until I was 22, when I got injured -- hence the change of career."

David Arato grew up in a small town in Italy, where he started riding a bike at 8 years old. Ten years later he became a professional after being drafted by an Italian cycling team, finding success while traveling around the world. "I won the Geo twice. That's a tour of Hungary. It's a big open professional race and I still hold the mountain times, 20 years later."

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