Gary Frugoli, former San Rafael councilman, dies at 72

Nov 22, 2019 304

Gary Frugoli, a former San Rafael policeman and councilman and the husband of Marin County District Attorney Lori Frugoli, died Saturday. Mr. Frugoli, 72, had been struggling for some time with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart issues. “It was not totally unexpected,” Lori Frugoli said. Frugoli said her husband was very supportive when she was running for district attorney last year, though by the end of the campaign he was quite ill.

“I told him, your job is to stick around so you can stand next to me when I get elected,” she said. “And he did. It was really important to him. I think it kept him going.” Mr. Frugoli’s parents, first-generation Italian-Americans, moved to Marin when he was 3 after many years of maintaining a summer home in Marin. Mr. Frugoli’s father, Vic, founded Marin Produce.

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