Garoppolo tries to temper hype following 1st start for 49ers

Dec 13, 2017 663


Things have been so bleak for San Francisco in recent years that one successful start by the franchise quarterback of the future was enough to get the 49ers faithful dreaming big. Jimmy Garoppolo is already being compared to greats such as Joe Montana by the fans and talk radio shows after winning his first start for San Francisco, praise he quickly tried to downplay.

"I try not to listen to any of the outside stuff. The Joe Montana comparison, I think it's a little early for those. It's only been one game," Garoppolo said Wednesday before agreeing with one similarity with the Hall of Famer who won four Super Bowl titles for the 49ers. "We are both Italian. So, we have that in common. But, I think it might be a little early."

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