Gallotti&Radice Brings Italian Furniture Fantasies to Los Angeles

Nov 06, 2017 919

Gallotti & Radice, the Italian furniture brand famously described as a laboratory for the imagination, launched their newest collection in the U.S. at the Mass Beverly showroom with a cocktail party on Tuesday, Oct. 17, in honor of the company’s second generation of leadership, Silvia Gallotti.

Gallotti & Radice was the first company in Italy to experiment with and use what, in the 1950s, was considered an extraordinary material in the furnishing sector: glass. Used in all its purity and elegance, but especially combined in a unique and masterly way with other materials such as wood and metal, glass stands out as a strong and discreet protagonist in the Gallotti & Radice collection. Avant-garde design, elegant shapes and special attention given to product quality and safety have propelled Gallotti & Radice to become a leading Italian luxury furniture and lifestyle designer and manufacturer.

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