Via Francigena: All Roads Lead To Rome — Part 2

Mar 17, 2019 135

Leaving the city of Vercelli, the route, following the Sesia riverbank, crosses the border between Piedmont and Lombardy reaching the city of Pavia. Then, just like the Archbishop Sigeric in 990 AD, you will cross the Po River via ferry in Soprarivo of Calendasco, entering the Emilia-Romagna region.


Famed art heritage and college town of the Lombardy region, Pavia was such a well-loved step for the pilgrims. Beyond the covered bridge, destroyed and rebuilt after the Second World War, the city offers a lot of beautiful historic churches and monasteries. Among these, the Basilica of St Michael Major, the most important medieval church in the city and masterpiece of Lombard-Romanesque style: devoted to St. Michael Archangel, patron saint of Langobardians people, in this church King Louis III and the Holy Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa were crowned. 

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