This fourth-generation Italian Market coffee shop isn’t worried about Starbucks, Wawa

Jul 25, 2019 378

BY: Ellie Silverman

The tour group walked past where Anthony Anastasio’s great-grandfather parked his seafood pushcart more than 100 years ago, and where coffee, chocolate, and gelato businesses now thrive. “We stop here because of that family history,” the tour guide said. “I love that it’s a family business that has evolved with the times.”

Of all the shops on the Italian Market food tour, guide Jenn Hensell, 40, always makes sure to stop by Anthony’s Italian Coffee and Chocolate House, near the corner of South Ninth and Christian Streets. “They also do a wonderful espresso and traditional coffee,” Hensell said, pointing her eight visitors to the family’s two stores, one for coffee, the other for chocolate and gelato. “I want to make sure you hit both of these businesses.”

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