Foodie Spotlight: Capri Italian Restaurant

Apr 21, 2019 380

BY: Dustin Heller

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of vacationing on the beautiful island of Capri just off the coast of Italy; the gorgeous beaches, the rugged landscape, and of course the Italian cuisine all scream vacation to me.  I’m probably a few years (probably more like 20) from making this dream a reality, so in the meantime I can visit Capri right here in Indy and at least taste what it might be like in paradise. 

Capri Italian Restaurant (2602 Ruth Dr) has been wining and dining Northsiders since 1951 and it’s time for the rest of Indy to take notice. The fact that Capri has been in business for almost 70 years speaks to the quality of the food and the staff.  The restaurant is overflowing with charm and it truly has the feel of a time gone by…not in a stale way, but a fresh and exciting way.  

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