Food Trends: Is Lasagna the “Meatloaf” of 2020?

Jan 06, 2020 342

BY: Sandra Ramani

Kale, Brussel sprouts, avocado toast…and lasagna? You may have noticed that this baked pasta favorite is enjoying a culinary moment right now, popping up menus across the country and even getting its own dedicated cookbook. (Released earlier this fall, Anna Hezel’s Lasagna features dozens of unique recipes for the dish, from Fried Lasagna Bites to a dessert Nutellasagna.)

Many chefs across the country are also re-booting lasagna for their restaurants by using unexpected ingredients; Los Angeles’ Nightshade, for example, serves a Mapo Tofu Lasagna, while New York City’s Don Angie’s pinwheel-style Lasagna for Two has become an Instagram favorite (and tastes good, too.)

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