Flavors from Sicilian family farm live on at Sal & Judy's

Nov 08, 2018 331

BY: Ann Maloney

Picture it: A farmhouse kitchen in the 1950s Sicilian countryside.  At the stove is Marianna Impastato. At her elbow is her son Sal. Atop that stove is a huge pot of simmering onions. As the onions turn translucent and shiny with olive oil, she adds minced fresh garlic; pig’s feet go in and gallons of crushed fresh Italian tomatoes. 

Who would enjoy that simmering red sauce over pasta? The hungry workers who had come to pick olives or grapes on the Impastato family farm. Fast forward to today, when that boy is 76-year-old Sal Impastato, who owns the Creole Italian restaurant Sal & Judy’s in Lacombe. It’s a place that attracts everyone from bankers to auto mechanics, and if you plan to go on a Saturday night, you’d better make a reservation.

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SOURCE: https://www.nola.com

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