A First Look at the Sistine Chapel Exhibit at The Stanley Marketplace

Jul 08, 2019 81

Imagine staring at The Creation of Adam for as long as you want, without craning your neck upwards — and maybe even sitting on a bench in front of it. As one of the most well-known frescoes, it’s been reproduced and mimicked countless times, but due to its location on a ceiling, few onlookers have truly studied it. The same goes for the many other vignettes the artist Michelangelo painted in the chapel, from The Last Judgement to the five Sibyls — until the traveling Sistine Chapel exhibit.

Now, that exhibit will open in Denver at the Stanley Marketplace on July 4 and remain on view through August 13 — and we have a sneak peek. Featuring 34 museum-quality reproductions that are nearly the original size along with in-depth descriptions and an audio guide, the Sistine Chapel is more accessible than ever. Each mural is accompanied by a “map” of where it is in relation to the other murals in the chapel, and a select few hang from the ceiling horizontally to replicate the act of looking up.

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