A First Look Inside Chris Cosentino’s New Old School Italian Restaurant

Oct 05, 2019 192

BY: Alyson Sheppard

When kids venture into their grandparents’ basements, they usually find relics of centuries past: boxes of VHS tapes, broken humidifiers. But when chef Chris Cosentino was growing up, he found something completely different in his great-grandmother’s cellar: jar after jar of tomatoes. The entire basement of her three-story tenement in Rhode Island was filled with tomatoes, which the first-generation Italian immigrant canned herself.

Nonna Rosalie, a prolific home cook and pasta-cranker, inspired Cosentino’s entire career, and now he’s getting the chance to honor her by name and spirit with his newest restaurant, Rosalie Italian Soul. It opens next week in Houston.

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SOURCE: https://robbreport.com/

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