Finding Italy in Southern California: The Inn at Europa Village

Oct 09, 2018 324

BY: Elisse Nielson

LOS ANGELES: Imagine a magical destination that greets you with rolling hills on a vineyard filled countryside. This spectacular location includes tall Italian cypress trees, exclusive wineries and a personalized two-course breakfast experience, created by a “renowned” Chef.  Boy wouldn’t that be even better if this was closer than, let’s say, Tuscany? Travelers, Tuscany fans and foodies will find a taste of Tuscany in Los Angeles. Just head a bit south to Southern California where an abundance of food, wine, and fun can be found.

Only 83 miles outside of Los Angeles, heading towards San Diego, The Inn at Europa Village holds a very special place in my heart, from her vineyards to the magical people behind the scenes that make all the magic happen. Driving through suburban Temecula the hustle and bustle of big city LA drops away. The old west merging with the new west including Festivals, breweries and creative savory dining. After all, a yummy meal after a day of adventure never hurt anybody.

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