Ferrari Baking Company owner to retire

Jan 10, 2019 301

BY: Grant Pepper

After consideration and discussion amongst friends and family, Ferrari Baking Company co-owner Denise Davis announced on Facebook last week that she will be retiring from the business in the near future.  Davis, who has co-owned the bakery with family friend Carlo Ferrari since 2013, told Knox Pages the nonstop grind of running the shop had become too much. At 57, Davis has been working in the baking business for 40 years. With family across the country and overseas, she felt it was time to retire from the long, hectic days in the shop and focus more on spending time with her loved ones.

“It was a really difficult decision,” Davis said. “I have been working in deli bakeries since I was 17. This is all I’ve ever done, is just deli bakery stuff. So it’s been a really, really long time of doing the same thing.” All seven of the children in the Davis and Ferrari families have worked at the bakery, located at 3 W. High St., at some point over the last five years. But now that they have grown up and spread out – and with Carlo working in Italy – continuing the family business became an impossibility.

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