Fantasyland: Experiencing Corso Pilota, Ferrari's in-house driving school.

Sep 28, 2018 390

For the vast majority of us, the love of the automobile starts long before obtaining a license to drive them -- and for the vast majority of that group, not long after figuring out this whole breathing on our own thing. Cars evoke an unmatchable mix of positive emotions. Their alluring beauty, sonorous sound and roller-coaster-ride excitement combine into a potion of adoration that takes hold of your attention and never lets go. Early signs that you’ve been exposed include childhood walls littered with car posters.

I dare you to claim to not have had Ferraris on that wall.

Ferraris embody all the things that make cars enticing. Beautiful, fast and rare, each is one born from the deep racing heritage of its founder Enzo Ferrari. Enzo was so addicted to the automobile himself, it was all but impossible for his vehicles to not be infused, nay, saturated with the same incurable elixir. Just looking at a parked Ferrari, you feel its anxiousness to move. It’s like a toddler tugging at your pant leg for attention, urging you to get going -- and quickly. 

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