Explore Rome from your home with your human avatar

Feb 24, 2019 249

Travel when you want, not when you can. Visit Rome for 20 dollars! A new way to be a tourist: be instantly in Rome and direct one of our Avatars around the area you want to explore. Look, hear, touch everything like you are really there. Avoid travel time and expenses, took pictures, share on socials, go where you want. You can see and hear directly what is happening now, while your Avatar shows you around with his smartphone.

It is much more than a video, it is the real live thing, where you can interact and examine any element like you would if you were there. You can see the real people that are in the streets now, you can plan in advance your next travel, you can check things and read every minute inscriptions on the monuments of the eternal city. Start now, reserve your Avatar for your travel and see with your own eyes

SOURCE: Ubiatar

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