Every major pasta sauce brand available in N.J., ranked from worst to best

Jan 16, 2019 564

BY: Peter Genovese

Pasta. Sauce. You don't have to be Italian to swoon upon mention of those words. Worldwide consumption of pasta increased for the second straight year in 2017, with the U.S. leading the pasta market - 2.7 million tons consumed last year. 

And sauce? Most supermarkets stock dozens of kinds. Marinara. Tomato and basil. Tomato, garlic and onion. Tomato and herb. Vodka. Bolognese. Puttanesca. Pomodoro. Arrabbiata. There have been rankings of pasta sauces - the Chicago Tribune sampled 12; Thrillist sampled 13. To which we say: Child's play. 

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SOURCE: https://www.nj.com

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